Work Experience

Valkeakoski Youth Services (Valkeakosken Nuorisotoimi)
a) On-the-job learning, 1 week
b) On-the-job learning, 1 week

Secondary shcool of Tyry (Tyryn koulu)
a) Student’s union (we did kept kiosk, I was there, I also desinged and published ads for the union)
b) On-the-job learning, 1 week, helping household teatcher with cleaning and IT

Pulkkinen’s Video- and TV- service, 2013, 2 weeks
Taking apart VHS-players, recycling, cleaning and sorting closets.

Bemis Valkeakoski Oy
a) 2014, on-the-job learning and make money, two weeks summer job. Outdoor yard cleaning, window cleaning and platform washing
b) 2015, on-the-job learning and make money, one week summer job. Outdoor yard cleaning, handrail painting
c) 2016, on-the-job learning and make money, two weeks summer job. Washing platforms, handrail panting and cleaning outdoor yards.

Congregation of Sääksmäki
a) Club director at scale model club, 1,5 years
b) Club director at cooking club, 8 months
c) Group leader (isonen) at boys camp (weekend, 2 nights), few times
d) Group leader (isonen) at confirmation school (one week camp), two times

Vocational and Adult College of Valkeakoski
a) Student’s union 2015-
b) Tutoring 2016-

Household Teachers Association, 9.4.2016
Spring training day ”New OPS – New Teatching” (”Uusi OPS – uusi opettajuus”), Social Media training help. More info (only in Finnish) at:

Net9 Oy, 2016
Customer sercvice, Coincidental diffrent tasks of IT. Voluntary job for about a month, I quit because my time was started to be limited, when I was starting a 4H-company.
Net9 Oy website:

Karusel, 4H
Founding the Company, summer café keeping, accounting, food making, selling.
Website (only in Finnish):

FlosMine, 4H
Founding company, server administration, moderation, recruitment of volunteers, website updating, theme fixes and customising using HTML, CSS, xenForo. Website in Finnish:

Café Kanava, 4H
Founding company, accounting, accounting program coding (website, it’s coded with HTML-, CSS-, and JavaScript- ja PHP-kielillä)

Training, Schools:

a) Primary School: School of Roukko, selectable subjects: history of art and woodworking
b) Secondary School: School of Tyry, selectable cources: Household (long 2h/week), Household (short 1h/week), Video, Media, Woodworking

Bag of lunch, ”Repullinen evästä”, Club director training day 30.1.2016
Wonders of hand crafts, first aid of clubs, go ye therefore, and teach. Poster in Fnnish:

Vocational and Adult College of Valkeakoski 2015-(2018)
Information and Communication technologies, datanome

Hygienic pass

Language Skills

Finnish: Mother’s thongue, Fluent
English: Well/ Very Well, i watch a lots of movies in english, with no subtitles and i browse internet in english. I can have a normal discussion and discussion of IT things.
Swedish: Poor. Anyway better than nothing. As long as it is in text I can use translators like to talk with Swedish person.

Culture Knownledge

I’ve travelled diffret countries, for example:
 United States of America, Florida (x2)
 Estonia (Parnu, capital, old town)

Journeys, where I can’t remember well, because I was quite young (under 13)
 Finnish caravan journeys

Also I have intrested of Japanese culture. I also like to watch and do diffrent DIY, Do It Yourself things, for more, see my Pitnerest (In Finnish and English):


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